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Here you will find everything you need to know about anti-theft labels, why you should replace them, and where you can ORDER replacement anti-theft stickers.


What is an anti-theft sticker?

Anti-theft labels are small VIN stickers. They always have the vehicles VIN number and can also include a barcode, or paint, body, and chassis codes. Every car has anti-theft labels on each body panel of the vehicle. The pourpose of an anti-theft sticker is to trace each piece of the body to the original VIN. These small VIN tags are not to be confused with metal VIN plates or dashboard VIN labels. There can be 10 or more anti-theft stickers on one car, however when a vehicle gets damaged and needs replacement small VIN tags body shops will often order anywhere from one to four replacement anti-theft stickers.

Why should a small VIN sticker be replaced?

Unlike VECI and VIN labels, anti-theft labels are not required to pass inspection. This leads to them not being replaced as often. However, they should be replaced in order to protect your car from VIN cloning or similar illegal practices.

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